The Philanthropy of George & Gladys Abell

Leadership Acceleration Program


The Leadership Acceleration Program (LAP) provides advanced learning opportunities to promising local nonprofit leaders. Each year, up to five fellows serving in a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization will complete a rigorous two-year common curriculum as well as an individual professional development project. Completing LAP will equip the participants with the knowledge, experience, and skills to transform their organizations into high-performing, proactively managed nonprofits that meet our community’s needs.

Inaugural Fellows Requirements

Individuals will be selected from a pool of candidates nominated by local community and foundation leaders. They will have demonstrated a willingness to be transparent and learn, serve with humility and excellence, be committed to improving their organization and the Midland community, and passionately pursue their nonprofit's mission.

Additionally, they must possess:

  • 5+ years of nonprofit experience
  • 3+ years in a leadership role at their current nonprofit organization
  • 3+ years in the Midland nonprofit sector (non-governmental, non-foundation, non-church)
  • Successful completion of the Nonprofit Management Center's NELC course
  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities
  • Openness to self-reflection and personal growth

Curriculum and Guiding Principals

The curriculum will focus on five guiding principles: Understanding Influence, Defining Purpose, Fostering Communication, Growing Accountability, and Developing Hope.

Mandatory Meetings

LAP fellows must commit to the following meetings:

  • Monthly cohort meetings for ½ day
  • Twice a month with the Program Director for individual coaching
  • Monthly for one hour for reflection discussions as a cohort
  • Twice a year, full-day seminars as a cohort
  • One three-day retreat in August or September each year as a cohort

Professional Development Project

Each LAP Fellow will be awarded up to $24,000 to complete an approved professional development project to enhance their leadership and executive skills through formal and informal professional advancement activities. A core aspect of the program is that each fellowship plan is unique – developed by the fellow. Examples include but are not limited to completing a higher education credential, executive business certificates in finance and accounting, certified professional human resource certificates, Lilly fundraising course, Leadership conference attendance, BoardSource retreats and schooling, etc.

For more information, please contact:

Julia Vickery, Program Director