The Philanthropy of George & Gladys Abell

Scope of Giving


The mission of the Abell-Hanger Foundation is, “To continue the philanthropy of George and Gladys Abell, with emphasis on improving the lives of the people in the Permian Basin area.”

What does it mean to improve the lives of the people of the Permian Basin? What proof do we have that we have done that? One thing is certain, our nonprofit colleagues and the recipients of scholarships have provided us with numerous anecdotal stories of the blessings realized through the philanthropy of George and Gladys Abell.

Transformation is arguably the end goal of much philanthropy. When any person gives of their resources it is in the hope that some condition will improve and thus enhance the quality of life for someone in need.

We pursue our mission through five impact areas in which we invest in proven and promising programs, systemic solutions, capital projects, general operating support and capacity building:

Arts, Culture & Humanities - Vibrant community and quality of life

Education - All community members have opportunity for life-long learning.

Health & Human Services - All community members are healthy and productive

Public Society Benefit - Community members benefit from a robust nonprofit sector, civil society and quality of life

Religion - Community benefits from and is strengthened by values-drive leadership.

We look forward to assessing our transformational impact through the selfless work guided by area nonprofits.



For fiscal year end 6/30/2019, the Foundation awarded grants to 118 different organizations and has provided funding for 870 organizations during its 65-year history.

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